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But what if - in just 30 minutes a week - you could move the needle in your business?

You’re a busy human and your time is precious. Plus the entrepreneurship journey isn't a "sit down and crank it out" type of journey anyway. It's a marathon, not a sprint.

Let's be honest... finding the balance of working a job, maintaining your social life, taking care of your mental health, sleeping, AND building a business is stressful AF.


Build Your Business On Your Lunch Break

the business blueprint assessment

If the first question you want to ask a business coach is where do I even begin? then this is the answer to your question. This assessment not only places you in the right category of entrepreneurship, but provides the business lessons you should be focusing on and a timeline to move the needle in your business without the overwhelm.

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business foundations

The lessons in the Weight Inclusive Business Academy are structured for you to work at your own pace with the ebbs and flows of life. Enroll in the lessons that are going to make the biggest impact in your business.

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Developing a Business Plan

bufo 205

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Burnout Prevention & Protection

bufo 202

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Long Term
Business Planning

bufo 105

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Identifying Your Personal Values

bufo 102

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Defining Your Why and Clarifying Your Mission

bufo 101

There's no denying that setting up the foundations in your business is a must before it starts to grow. Flying at the seat of your pants as you encounter challenges is no fun.

Business Foundations (BUFO)

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Customer Experience Journey

bRND 400

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Laying the Foundation for Your Brand

bRND 103

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Developing Your Personal Brand

bRND 102

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Branding and Why Your Business Needs It

bRND 101

Regardless if you are wanting to create a brand for yourself, or a business, you’ll need two things: strategy and visuals. And once you have these pieces solidified, nailed down, and unshakeable, you and your business will also be unstoppable.

Branding (BRND)

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Marketing Yourself First

COMM 101

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Introduction to

MKTG 101

The secret to letting the world know you're open for business and accepting clients. Marketing consists of networking, effective copy, social media, email marketing, and more... all of which you'll learn in the marketing lessons!

Marketing (MKTG, COMM)

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What To Include On Your Website

webd 201

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Website Design Platforms

webd 102

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A Website and Why Your Business Needs One

webd 101

Having an online presence is a crucial part to your business's success. And the best (and most efficient!) way to do that is with a website. In these lessons, you'll feel confident in your ability to DIY your very own website to do the marketing for you.

Website Design (WEBD)


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