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That outlines the different components of a customer journey and tables for different revenue streams (private practice, online education, events, and speaking engagements).

12 page pdf

What's included:

You haven’t intentionally set up systems on how to onboard and offboard your clients

You’re not sure WHEN and HOW your clients should be interacting with your offers (1:1 counseling, groups, workshops, etc.)

Figuring out where to focus your attention in your business is leaving you stressed and you wish you knew of a way to break it up into categories so it feels more manageable.

This is for you if...

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to confidently create a thoughtful customer journey that ALSO makes converting leads into clients in a way that feels sustainable (and dare I say…FUN, too). 

At the end of BRND 400, you will have a gameplan on how to interact with your target audience throughout their journey of realizing they need support, researching their different options, choosing you to work with, your work together, and once they are offboarded. This includes what your audience is thinking, feeling, and doing as well as opportunities for your business to reach the right folks in the best way possible for you (aka the start to a marketing plan!)


A pdf exploring customer experience journey

Customer Experience Journey Overview