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That will leave you feeling ready to dive head first into creating all of the elements you’ll need to design your brand from the ground up. I’ll be here teaching you, guiding you, and cheering you the heck on!

5 Minute educational video

What's included:

You’re not sure of what a “brand” actually is and want the 411.

You’re stuck in the comparison trap and feel intimidated about creating your professional brand. 

You want to lay the groundwork and foundation so you can create a highly profitable practice with clients you adore working with.

This is for you if...

In this lesson, you’ll... get an overview of each element that makes a brand, plus an understanding about why this is crucial to your success as a weight-inclusive business. Because here’s the truth: a brand is SO much more than just fonts and a pretty logo. A brand helps you communicate who you are, what you do, and who you work best with, so you can build a relationship with your audience and convert them into clients at your practice.

At the end of BRND 101… you’ll feel super clear on what a brand is (and isn’t), so you can get started on developing your assets (like your logo and fonts). Getting clear on your brand, through your messaging AND your visuals, will help you market your business with content and information that resonates with your potential clients, so they can make a decision about if you’re a good fit to work together or not. This is also how you’ll weed out anyone who might not be the best fit to work with you, too. 


Branding and Why Your Business Needs It