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- Identifying your personal values
- Daily, weekly, and/or monthly reflection questions to ensure you’re making decisions in alignment with your values

action items, including...

That will leave you feeling totally in alignment and dedicated to living life (and building a business!) as your most authentic self. You’ll leave with a clear list of values and a handful of tools to help you lean into making decisions based on those values.

9 Minute educational video

What's included:

You’ve ever felt imposter syndrome while starting your business, and want to feel more inner trust as you make big decisions. 

You find it hard to pull yourself out of all the ways you “should” be building your business

You have a lot of important decisions coming up and you want to use your values to help you feel more grounded and supported

This is for you if...

Don’t get any further into building your weight-inclusive business until you’ve clearly identified your values a.k.a. your why and where you’re going. Your values are one of the most underappreciated elements of creating your brand, and is THE thing that will attract potential clients to you and the important work that you do. 

At the end of BUFO’ll identify your top personal values, so you can use them to filter every important decision you’ll make in your business. This will be the best way so you can build an aligned business in a way that feels authentic to who you are. 


And using your values to live in alignment

Identifying Your Personal Values