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Setting Up Email Marketing to Connect with Your Audience

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Ready to use email marketing to *actually* market your business and support your audience? 

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I know you didn’t start your business so you could be a full-time content creator, but these days, you feel like social media is the *only* way to be a successful business owner. 

Not true when you have an email list!

including, when to use campaign emails for updates, sales, and education.

email marketing campaigns

emal 202

including, how to structure a general nurture series automation and creating automated email sequences for different sectors of your business (aka passive marketing!)

email marketing nurture series

emal 201

including, understanding your audience, creating a lead magnet (aka a freebie!), types of lead magnets, and setting up your lead magnet in a platform

Getting people on your email list

emal 102

including, what email marketing is, how to use email marketing passively vs. actively, types of emails to send, and different platforms.

introduction to email marketing

emal 101

here's what we'll cover:

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