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the stages of being

an entrepreneur

there's no one-size-fits-all journey to becoming an entrepreneur....

but i've been around long enough to identify the patterns on the journey.

the dreamer

bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, and ready to learn

Chances are, you are finishing up grad school or your dietetic internship and are preparing to finally get your first “big kid” job. There’s a part of you that knows you want to work for yourself one day - that flexibility seems pretty dreamy.

Even though you are going to be starting off at a 9-5, you enjoy social media and networking and want to have a strong online presence as an individual clinician.

Explore The Dreamer lessons.

the side hustler

motivated, ambitious, and ready to build your side hustle

Chances are, you’ve been working a full-time job for a while and are looking for something to stimulate your mind outside of that “corporate” job. This is where the side hustle comes into play. Maybe you’re doing it because you enjoy having an extra project or maybe you’re doing it because you know you eventually want to be your own boss one day. Either way, you know that starting a business is the right next step.

Even though you are already feeling a little burnt out from that “9-5” job, you are enthralled by the idea of starting your own business, whether it’s a private practice or adding on something a little different than 1:1 care - like blogging, podcasting, hosting webinars, or an online course.

Take me to The Side Hustler lessons.

the rebel / the initiator

forward-thinking, prioritizing, and quite frankly… doing it all

Chances are, you are BURNT OUT. You’ve been trying to advocate for yourself for a while, but are being met with pushback and your mental health is taking a toll. In fact, you’ve had the thought of “what are they going to do if I can’t meet their expectations… fire me?” and TBH that doesn’t sound like the worst thing that can happen…

You can realistically see yourself putting your notice in the next few months whether it’s from sheer desperation to leave your job OR your side hustle has grown enough to be able to support that leap. Honestly, it’s probably a combination of both!

Dive into The Rebel / The Initiator lessons.

the achiever

focused with your eye on the prize.

Chances are, you put in your notice and are about to break free from the “9 to 5” life. HELLO ENTREPRENEURSHIP. I mean technically you’re already an entrepreneur - that started a while ago - but now it’s like official-official. And you’re equal parts terrified and excited. You know this is the right next move, but you’ve never been your own boss before which leaves you feeling a little (okay, a lot) nervous.

You know you’re gonna have some extra time on your hands as you continue to build your business. I mean you’re going from 40 hours a week of structured work to being able to set your own schedule! You’re likely still building up your clients to whatever “full time” feels like for you, which means it’s time to put some systems in place that are going to support you for the long run.

Let's visit the The Achiever lessons.

the entrepreneur

beginning the next phase of your career - working for yourself!

Chances are, you are in the first year of entrepreneurship! WOOHOO! You have a few months under your belt, but still have the first year jitters. It kinda feels like being a small fish in a big pond with all the learning and growing that’s happening.

You’re slowly starting to get in the groove of what your schedule looks like, but haven’t quite figured it all out yet. One thing’s for sure - there’s definitely more time to work on the business instead of in the business as you continue to build your caseload. And you plan on doing just that! Branding, marketing, and web design are for sure on your mind because those are the parts of the business that are going to support this phase of profiting and fine-tuning your business.

The Entrepreneur lessons are waiting for you!

the enthusiast

confident (or faking it til you make it), passionate, and owning that title of full-time entrepreneur.

Chances are, you’ve got your first year of full-time entrepreneurship under your belt, you are feeling a heck of a lot better about putting out all the fires, and you’re wondering “what’s next?”. You feel solid in your business foundation and these next few years are dedicated to business growth.

Things are actually feeling stable. THANK GOODNESS. You’re in the groove of what a typical week looks like, you’re getting way better at setting boundaries, and things are so consistent that you are finally able to breathe. You’ve got this. And now that things don’t feel as chaotic, you’re ready to dedicate time to growing your business.

Take a look at The Enthusiast lessons.

the seasoned pro

eager, experienced, and knowledgeable. You wise-one you.

Chances are, you’ve been at this whole entrepreneur thing for a while now. Things are so consistent that you’re starting to get the itch of figuring out your next move. Are you wanting to coast? Hire your first team member? Develop online education? Diversify your income? Create systems that will further support the biz? Hone in your niche a little more?

You're going to want to check out The Seasoned Pro lessons.

the groupie

passionate about care + community, but not the one in charge of it all.

This means that you L-O-V-E the flexibility of private practice, but running your own business doesn’t excite you. So why not get the best of both worlds? Being a groupie - aka a clinician in a group practice where you still have the flexibility to set your own hours AND don’t have to balance any income sheets.

However, you still want to be in the know on how to market yourself, network, and keep your caseload up. Just because you don’t want to create an LLC doesn’t mean you don’t want to be a badass worker.

The Groupie lessons are for you!