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That will leave you feeling hopeful about pursuing a path of entrepreneurship while doing what you gotta do to protect your mental health in your full time job.

23 Minute educational video

What's included:

You’re nervous about finding enough time in the day to get it all done - “it” being working full-time and building a business on the side

You’re starting to feel worn out and wondering am I burnt out?

You want to build your dream business and are a forward thinker wanting to put some skills and boundaries in place while you can!

This is for you if...

In this lesson, you’ll learn from therapist Angela Prior on identify your needs and set some boundaries needed to help protect you against burnout. You have a full-time job and are building a business on the side - AKA the perfect set-up to push yourself too hard as you’re managing 40+ hours of amazing (but exhausting!) work.

At the end of BUFO 202, you’ll know your needed boundaries to build your dream business… because boundaries aren’t just for our personal lives! There’s likely some fear around setting boundaries (clients won’t want to work with you, you won’t be successful if you don’t work after hours, and that prioritizing your health means you don’t care about your practice… just to name a few!). This lesson will leave you feeling supported in setting boundaries AND confident in addressing those fears.


Build your dream while protecting your energy

Burnout Prevention & Protection