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15 Minute educational video

What's included:

You’re eager to leverage email marketing for the long-term growth of your business and it starts with getting folks on your email list.

Your current lead magnet just isn’t cutting it and you’re not sure where to pivot from here.

Hearing “you shouldn’t have a one-size-fits-all” email marketing approach makes you tense up a little… because that’s exactly what you have.

This is for you if...

In this lesson, we explore ways to get folks onto your email list - most notably, a lead magnet or freebie. We’ll dive into understanding the long game of email marketing and identifying distinct audiences so you’re engaging the right folks (aka a general email list ain’t gonna cut it!). Plus, you’ll get a peek inside my brain as I brainstorm and create a lead magnet with easy-to-follow steps for you to replicate.

At the end of EMAL 102, you’ll have a gameplan on what lead magnet you should create, how to create it, and implement it into your email marketing platform. Your audience, their hesitations and questions, and the lead magnet that is going to support them will all be identified!


lead magnets, freebies, and delivering something that your audiences wants + needs

Getting People on Your Email List



This lesson is designed for The Enthusiast.