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11 Minute educational video

What's included:

Sending a newsletter is at the top of your to-do list, but you want to make sure it’s effective in supporting your business.

Weekly emails feel overwhelming and you’re looking for a starting place to get in the groove of sending emails on a consistent basis.

You want to strike the right balance between connection, education, and the occasional sales email.

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In this lesson, you’ll understand the importance of email campaigns - which encompass newsletters, sales emails, and one-off emails - as an active marketing strategy. We’ll cover four distinct type of campaign emails and their unique purposes, as well as the significance of the sequence and seasonally relevant content in these emails and where to find inspiration for email content!

At the end of EMAL 202, you will be equipped with the knowledge to skillfully structure and design impactful campaign emails. Your confidence will skyrocket as you have a gameplan on how to send emails, including types of emails and frequency of emails, to connect with your audience.




This lesson is designed for The Seasoned Pro.

Active Email Marketing with Newsletters, Sales Emails, and One-Off Emails

Email Campaigns