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Including 15 posts mapped out strategically, a quick brand guide for consistency, a mock-up for you to plug-and-chug your graphics to make sure they look 10/10, and an example grid of a nutrition private practice!

18 Page Ig Business Card Canva Template

14 Minute educational video

What's included:

You love the idea of using Instagram, but don’t want to commit to posting daily (or even weekly!).

All your creative energy is being spent elsewhere, or you don’t want to have to be creative in one more place from now until the end of time.

Instagram is a regular place where you find out about businesses and you are wanting others (both potential clients and referral sources!) to do the same.

This is for you if...

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to use Instagram as a passive marketing strategy - aka create it once and then set-it-and-forget-it plan. This is done through the form of an Instagram “Business Card” aka a strategic 15-post grid.

At the end of INST 103, you’ll know exactly what to include in your 15 posts, including good design practices to ensure your Instagram grid is looking top-tier - aesthetic AND strategic. You’ll also have your 15 graphics created (and captions written!) with the help of the INST 103 Canva template.


a strategic 15-post grid for brand awareness + client validation

Creating Your Instagram Business Card

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This lesson is designed for The Entrepreneur.